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Do You Need Pet Insurance for Your Dog?

When you have a dog, for you this animal may be one of the most precious members of your family. With your pet, like any family member, you want to make sure you give it the best possible medical care. Therefore, you must have a backup plan that can help you in an emergency and when you need expensive medical treatment. In case you need to care for your pet and protect its future, you may wonder if buying pet insurance for dog is the right choice.

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Your Dog Have An Itch?

The scratching of a pet is only normal if it is not taken to the extremes. It becomes extreme when pruritus is involved. Pruritus is the sensation of the pet that makes it feel itchy and makes him have an unpleasant feeling that makes him scratch and bite himself. Pruritus is caused by the stimulation of the nerves and chemical reactions that occur in the skin and makes the brain think the body is itchy. Here are some conditions or diseases that cause pruritus.

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A Dog’s Medicine Cabinet

Your dog is as sensitive as you are when it comes to health. Your dog might even be more sensitive than you. That’s why if you have heard of a human’s medicine cabinet, there’s also one for dogs. Here is what your dog’s medicine cabinet should look like.

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Cataracts in Cats

Cataract is a disease in the eye characterized by the accumulation of protein on the lens of the eyeball. The protein interferes with the vision of the pet. Cats are often afflicted with this disease however though it is called CAT-aracts there are more cases of dog cataracts than cat cataracts. Vets just assume that dogs are just more vulnerable and may overlook this in your feline.

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Medication for Cats with Hypertension

Hypertension or high blood pressure is directly related to the contraction of muscles. There are three known types of muscles; the skeletal, the smooth, and the cardiac. The skeletal muscles are attached to bones and can be controlled. Muscles in the arm, face, and legs are examples of skeletal muscles. The smooth muscles are not consciously controlled. Muscles that support the intestines and blood vessels are examples of smooth muscles. The cardiac muscle is also known as the heart muscle.

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Treating Feline Scabies

What do we specially like about cats? Perhaps the way a cat carries itself, imperious yet sweet. Perhaps we admire the fact that cats always land on its feet. Or perhaps we just love to stroke that soft downy coat that comes in interesting colors and patches. But tiny mites could easily take away that lovely coat.

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Proper Home Care for Your Cats

People say the attitude of their pets reflects the attitude of the owners. Sometimes we gain weight and would love to exercise by walking or jogging in the park with our pets. But jogging with your cat would look pretty silly!

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Worried About Your Cat?

Cats never fail to amaze their human owners when they display an unusual amount of intelligence in certain situations. They are able to save and enhance lives by their own. Sometimes the things a cat does almost makes them seem human.

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How To Handle Cat Emergencies

Remember how panicked you felt the first time you held a crying baby in your arms? Didn’t you feel scared and utterly helpless as your baby kept crying and crying?

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Cats Require Dental Help Too

It’s incredible how cats and humans – their owners and companions in life – are very similar in many ways. And one similarity that cats may be regretful of would be the need for dental help.

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