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Pet Allergies

Pet allergy is caused by reactions of proteins from the hair, saliva or urine that strikes in the eyes and the airways. These reactions may also result to a topic dermatitis or a nettle rash.

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Mange and Madre de Cacao

Mange is a serious and common illness among pets. In cats, there is the notoedric mange, which is also known as feline scabies. In dogs, there are three known types: the demodectic mange, the cheyletiella mange, and worst of all, the sarcoptic mange.

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Dental Care For Your Pet

Your pet may be able to roll over, play dead, catch a Frisbee and fetch the newspaper but one of the many things it can’t do, however, is to brush its teeth. And that’s why dental care is entirely important for your pet’s health.

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Treatments for Anorexic Pets

Having an anorexic pet would be really bad. It would make the Animal Rights Authority think that you are manhandling your dog because it is malnourished. They may think that you are not feeding your pet the right food and was the reason it is malnourished. Worse part is, a celebrity has-been like Bobby Brown or Dennis Rodman may want to cash in on this event. He may say that he is an animal activist to get his career going back. To prevent any of this nightmarish situations happening here are some ways to cure your pet who is anorexic.

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Your Pet Not Eating?

When a pet does not seem to be eating it is a cause of concern. Our pet may have some kind of disease that has been bothering it to eat. To prevent the disease from getting any worse it is best if we could let a veterinarian go check out the pet and let him diagnose it. Here are some of the ways in which a veterinarian diagnoses your pet why he ore she is losing appetite.

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Surgery for Your Pets

Having a pet is a real great thing. Pets help us lessen the stress we have because they are sweet and playful to lighten our mood. Of course it has its drawbacks too. When you’re pet poops on the floor and you’re too stressed out too clean it, you know how stinky that can be. Even though, I’m pretty sure that a pet’s upside outweighs the downside it provide.

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Raw Food For Your Pet

A study conducted on animal diseases showed that young animals appear to be in the thick of health when given cooked and processed foods. Upon reaching adulthood, however, aging became more rapid and showed symptoms of chronic degenerative diseases. When fed with raw foods, the animals showed less aging and no signs of degenerative diseases.

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Need Help With Your Pet?

Taking care of your pet may not be a thankless job with all the tail wagging and the tongue lapping but it’s still a hands-on, mind-challenging task just like how it is when you’re caring for an infant.

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