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Worried About Your Cat?

Cats never fail to amaze their human owners when they display an unusual amount of intelligence in certain situations. They are able to save and enhance lives by their own. Sometimes the things a cat does almost makes them seem human.

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How To Handle Cat Emergencies

Remember how panicked you felt the first time you held a crying baby in your arms? Didn’t you feel scared and utterly helpless as your baby kept crying and crying?

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Cats Require Dental Help Too

It’s incredible how cats and humans – their owners and companions in life – are very similar in many ways. And one similarity that cats may be regretful of would be the need for dental help.

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Help! My Cat Has Allergies!

Veterinarians no doubt have heard this over and over. But these good guys are always patient when treating cats for allergies. The truth is, there’s no need for an extreme case of panic if you’re afraid that your cat is currently having an allergic reaction. All you have to do is stay calm and think logically.

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Holistic Medicine Options for Your Cat

Treating your cat using holistic veterinary medicine is an approach that limits the harmful side effects caused by conventional medications. It is used for diagnosis as well as for treating acute and chronic conditions.

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Treatment for Pruritus in Cats

Our pet’s common problems are usually itchiness problems. Our cats will tend to scratch so much that they will eventually produce lesions that will may cause infections and harm them further. So we let the veterinarian have them diagnosed and we get to ask them how to prevent the worsening of the situation. The veterinarian will usually give some treatments and here are some treatments that may help your pet feel better.

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Your Cat is Ready to Give You Kittens?

Finally, your wish has been granted.

Your beloved feline is pregnant and in months’ time, will hopefully give birth to a delightful brood of cute little kittens! But to ensure that your pregnant pet will have an uncomplicated time in giving birth, you want to know what to do and how best to care for your pregnant cat.

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Annorexic Cats?

You may have observed that your cat is becoming skinnier and not eating properly. At first though, you may just think that your pet is just on “pet weight loss program”. You even become jealous as to how his diet works faster when yours doesn’t. But as the time grows longer it seems that your cat’s weight has become a serious matter as the ribs of your cat can now be seen. When this happens try calling your veterinarian as your cat may be experiencing anorexia already.

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What to Look For if Your Cat Won’t Eat

When cats decide not to eat, we become worried about their health. Because when they decide not to eat, there may be some other underlying causes for them to lose their appetite. Let us see the following reasons of which our cats may be losing appetites.

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Your Cat Has Fleas?

Having a flea is your cat’s worst enemy. In fact if the cat could choose between bathing and fleas I’m guessing he’d choose diving into that water. If you’re a human, you can compare the pain of the fleas to a person who is a pain in the ass, literally. This is because the fleas usually affect the lower part of the cat’s body.

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