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Bird Flu or Ornithosis?

Imagine a scene like this: The father arrives from his overseas travels bringing home a beautiful parrot in a gold-gilded cage. Maybe the parrot can scream “hello” and everyone in the family is delighted. 

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TLC: The Best Pet Medicine

Just like how it is with humans, the best medicine you can give your pet and to ensure that they stay healthy is TLC or tender loving care. Show your pet that you care and this will greatly increase the length of your pet’s life. That’s truly the best medicine you can give them in the long run.

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Allopurinol: Reducing Uric Acid

Some pet medicines are especially produced to address a specific illness in an animal. Allopurinol is one of these pet medicines. It has only one purpose: to reduce the uric acid in the blood stream.

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Pet Help Tips Against Viruses

Without the proper medicine and care, your pet may be extremely vulnerable to all sorts of viral infections and illnesses. Your pet, in some ways, is more vulnerable than a newborn baby because there are more cures available for humans than for animals alone. Don’t wait for the worst to happen.

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Modernization of Animal Care

Modern veterinary medicine gives owners of pets the ability to choose the modernized techniques of operation and medicines for their beloved pets.

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Help For Pet Emergencies

IF something is bothering your pet and calling your pet’s veterinarian is out of the question – it’s not important why – then of course, you have to do with what you have and that’s how we’ll try to help.

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Pet Allergies

Pet allergy is caused by reactions of proteins from the hair, saliva or urine that strikes in the eyes and the airways. These reactions may also result to a topic dermatitis or a nettle rash.

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Mange and Madre de Cacao

Mange is a serious and common illness among pets. In cats, there is the notoedric mange, which is also known as feline scabies. In dogs, there are three known types: the demodectic mange, the cheyletiella mange, and worst of all, the sarcoptic mange.

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Dental Care For Your Pet

Your pet may be able to roll over, play dead, catch a Frisbee and fetch the newspaper but one of the many things it can’t do, however, is to brush its teeth. And that’s why dental care is entirely important for your pet’s health.

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Treatments for Anorexic Pets

Having an anorexic pet would be really bad. It would make the Animal Rights Authority think that you are manhandling your dog because it is malnourished. They may think that you are not feeding your pet the right food and was the reason it is malnourished. Worse part is, a celebrity has-been like Bobby Brown or Dennis Rodman may want to cash in on this event. He may say that he is an animal activist to get his career going back. To prevent any of this nightmarish situations happening here are some ways to cure your pet who is anorexic.

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