A decade ago, Instagram started as a simple photo-sharing software, but it’s since evolved into much more. You may use it as a marketplace, a search engine, a platform for interaction, and a great branding tool. You already know that Instagram may be used as a launching pad for your business. However, did you realize that you may do it so naturally? If you’re thinking, “But Instagram’s organic reach is decreasing,” you’re not alone. What’s the use of wasting time now? Let’s get started with the proven methods to build your Instagram following organically in 2020.

Think of Instagram as a website

All the capabilities you need to create a new website or landing page were already incorporated into Instagram in 2020. In addition, Instagram is an excellent platform for attracting new consumers and turning them into long-term fans. As a result, having a well-optimized Instagram profile will save you money in the long run.

The power of hashtags

You can’t ignore hashtags if you want to develop on social media. There is no doubt that hashtags are critical on Instagram, so the network enables users to use 30 at one time. A few tactics are required for optimal usage, however.

Use stories to build trust

In the world of social media marketing, companies are likely to tell you that their most significant issue is establishing trust in an online community. That’s a challenging goal to accomplish. To help you do just that, Instagram Stories are a helpful feature. They enable you to show off your face, chat about your business, and demonstrate that you are a natural person. As a brand, you’ll create trust by constantly showing up on Stories, and customers will get a taste of what it’s like to work with you.

Create content that brings value to your customer

Your content may not be good enough if you publish everyday material and no one engages with it. Yes, we’ve seen some companies who are still misusing social media. For as much as it is tempting to concentrate on your product’s “me,” me, me,” constantly remember to transfer your attention to what the consumer will get.

Engage with other people on Instagram

Think about Instagram’s algorithm and how it works. Only around 10% of your followers will see a piece of material you upload. Questions such as how much money do Instagram models make are frequent. The trending page will showcase your article if many people engage with it, and you’ll grow as a result. So, as you can see, the key to organic growth on Instagram is the number of people who interact with your material.

Post strategically for the best organic reach

No one can dispute how much information is shared on social media every day: it’s a veritable deluge. So, how can you ensure that the broadest possible audience views your material? As much as possible, provide high-quality information regularly. However, if you publish too often, you’ll become a bother, and they’ll dread seeing your postings overflowing their feed. It is typically suggested to post between one and three times a day on Instagram. Your audience’s geographic location will significantly impact the most effective times to reach them. Your ideal posting times may be found via SharemyInsights, which will allow you to plan your future posts.


Seeing your organic engagement and reach diminish on Instagram may be disheartening, but if you follow the above recommendations, you’ll see growth. If you stick with it, you’ll eventually see results. A more active, passionate, and involved community may develop into genuine consumers for you. If that’s what we all desire, then so be it.