Treating your cat using holistic veterinary medicine is an approach that limits the harmful side effects caused by conventional medications. It is used for diagnosis as well as for treating acute and chronic conditions.

Rather than suppressing isolated symptoms, holistic veterinarians attempts to heal underlying discrepancies that quickens the animal’s healing system using safe techniques.

Once the symptoms are treated, they can subside or perhaps disappear forever.


Developed by the Chinese, acupuncture is a method of using points and energy called “meridians.” When energy flow is disrupted, a disease arises.

Gold Bead Therapy

In gold bead therapy, beads are implanted by the veterinarian into specific points of your cat which depends on the medical condition and energy of the animal.


Manipulations in the musculo-skeletal systems have been undergoing for thousands of years in many countries. The method is continuously being refined. According to the principles of chiropractic, when the nervous system works incorrectly, diseases arises.

cat holistic

The objective of chiropractic is to restore the normal range of motion while releasing pressure nerves, ligaments and musculature. Cats are not hurt and find relief in this technique. Without the use of a controlled thrust, the normal position of the vertebra in some animals is restored by using gentle techniques of massaging.

Herbal Medicine

Herbal medicine is effective in treating animals in a sense that it corrects underlying discrepancies while maintaining the health of internal organs.

Matching the energy of the patient with the energy of the herb is a skill that the herbalist possesses. Herbalists from the West are highly skilled in medicinal plants known to the Americans while the Chinese and Indians are trained in Chinese and Ayurvedic herbs, respectively.