Remember how panicked you felt the first time you held a crying baby in your arms? Didn’t you feel scared and utterly helpless as your baby kept crying and crying?

Of course, you wished valiantly for your baby to be able to speak and tell you what’s bothering him but naturally your wish can’t be granted. Well, that’s exactly how most cat owners feel, too.

Unlike babies, no matter how old a cat is in terms of its chronological existence, it will never develop the ability to speak or be coherent. Your cat will never be able to ask for help of a specific kind if it’s suffering from an ailment. It will never be able to request for care when it’s feeling sick without your knowledge.

And that’s why it’s so hard to handle cats during emergencies. We know what you’ve gone through, going through or will go through during pet emergencies. We know how hard it is to feel helpless so that’s why we came up with a list of helpful suggestions that could make your cat feel better during emergency situations.


If something’s obviously bothering your cat, try to recall what unusual thing happened today in relation to your pet. Have you given him new medicine to take? This could react badly with your cat’s body system and that may be why he’s suffering right now.

Have you left your cat unguarded and made it possible for him to eat anything that could disagree with his stomach?

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Untrained pets, and sometimes even trained ones, need almost complete supervision because they feel that anything they can munch on constitute as food – especially the baby ones!

Has your cat been hanging out around the neighbor’s handsome Tom Cat – and who is now currently suffering from some sort of viral infection? Anything that’s unusual may be the reason why your cat is feeling bad.

The sooner you get down to the source of the problem, the quicker you’ll be able to get rid of the emergency situation and bring things back to normal.


It will always be helpful to be familiar with your cat’s medical records. If he’s allergic to certain types of food then naturally, you’ll know if the emergency is due to an allergic reaction. Be aware also of which vaccination shots has he been given with already and which ones he has yet to take.

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Don’t hesitate to call for help. If you care about your cat’s life, don’t waste time trying to think up home cures for your cat’s sickness. Call the vet and call him right away!