Accounts on Instagram, particularly old accounts that have a large following and have been active for a long tie covering a variety of topics and trends tend to get crowded at one point, with a lot of irrelevant and dated content as well as bio and descriptions, and in some cases, followers. It is good practice to keep your account healthy at all times and give it a proper cleaning from time to time.

There are many instances when an account would require cleaning, and the reasons might be unique to the industry an account relates to, as well as the activities the user has been up to. For instance, when trying desperately to boost Instagram followers, accounts may get plagued by fake accounts or bots that have to be removed to ensure proper functioning.

If not done regularly, there is a chance your account’s performance will begin to decrease, with lower engagements and following. Having a cluttered account may be one of the main reasons why people unfollow you on Instagram, so it is imperative you look closely at the methods explained below to properly and effectively clean your Instagram account.

Remove inactive following

Old accounts are often filled with a number of accounts that are mainly inactive due to either the users of the account no longer using Instagram or being fake followers. It is essential to remove these accounts from your following as they affect your overall engagements and give a poor reflection of your account’s performance. Inspect all your followers and manually remove all the accounts that never engage with your account to clean up your following.

Delete or achive old content

Since trends on social media are ever-evolving and older trends get irrelevant after some time, it is important to achieve or delete such posts in a timely manner. If your account has a lot of content related to dated trends, it will appear less engaging and attractive to the audience, so it is important all such data is removed from your account.

Updating bio

Your bio might need to be updated to better represent your activities and the industry, since your activities may have evolved and not properly represented by your old bio. Write a more trendy and relevant description, which explains what you’re currently up to. This will ensure your account looks updated and fresh to the audience.

Clean captions and hashtags

A caption may have had a purpose before, which may now be irrelevant, such as in the case of a contest that has expired. These captions should be deleted in order to keep your content updated. Additionally, the hashtags used on your posts or bio may not be relevant anymore as people are no longer using them. Consider changing these hashtags to a tag that is trendier and is currently being used by the industry.

The methods explained above explore all the important elements to be aware of, in order to properly clean up your Instagram account. It is advised to apply these practices from time to time, to timely manage your account, and ensure it is performing at optimal performance at all times.