Pet allergy is caused by reactions of proteins from the hair, saliva or urine that strikes in the eyes and the airways. These reactions may also result to a topic dermatitis or a nettle rash.

Allergens coming from other people’s pets or transported by people in contact with animals are not easy to avoid. Pet allergens can overload people with school classes.

Most of the time, most allergies come from cats or dogs. But other animals may be involved.

When the skin comes in contact with pet allergens, the body is provoked to produce histamine. As a result, there is swelling and irritation in the upper airways leading to hay fever and asthma. Allergic reactions tend to be hereditary.

There is a high risk of acquiring allergic reactions to cats later in their life to people who have had asthmatic bronchitis during their younger years.

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In modern life, pets play a very significant role. When transferring to a house or flat, the likelihood of the former owners having a household pet is very high. The level of low allergens usually takes months or even years, in a modern insulated flat, thereby increasing susceptibility to allergic reactions.

When pet allergies are detected, the new house owner should leave the house for about two weeks to check whether the symptoms will go away. An allergy test to confirm the findings should be conducted by a doctor or specialist.

Pet allergy patients may observe the following reactions : seasonal allergic rhinitis, symptoms in the eyes; for asthmatic children, coughing and wheezing, itchiness in the skin caused by red patches, nettle rash. Air pollution, smoke from tobacco, car fumes and any other allergens present in the environment may speed up pet allergy.

Doctors can easily detect when and where the patient acquired the allergic symptoms. Conducting skin tests and blood samples confirms the diagnosis.
To cure allergic symptoms, be sure to stay away from things If you have allergic reactions, you should avoid things that cause them.

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Make sure that of the following : pets are not visible, if possible, only a few furnitures are around, walls are clean, floors are polished, carpets are cleaned weekly, regularly wash sheets like cotton, mattresses, synthetic blankets and pillows, plastic or wooden chairs are used, plastic curtains are hang, moist rags and vacuum cleaners are used to thoroughly clean the house, keep away from dusty toys.