Antibiotics literally mean “against life”. Then why are antibiotics being given away like candies for the cure of every imaginable disease in pets? Well, they’re supposed to attack the cause of the disease to affect cure in the body. But it doesn’t do just that.

Here are the many other things that overuse of antibiotics causes:

  • abdominal pain
  • skin problems
  • diarrhea
  • irritable bowel syndrome
  • fever
  • severe inflammation of the colon or colitis
  • nutritional deficiencies
  • excess stomach gas
  • constipation
  • elevated white blood cell count
  • dehydration
  • allergies
  • weak immune system
  • bad breath
  • vomiting
  • potassium deficiencies
  • colon perforation
  • yeast problems

You don’t want your pet to be getting any of the mentioned ill-health conditions. First of all, you bring your pet to a bet to cure the animal from a disease and not get him a new one.

When Alexander Glemming first discovered antibiotics in 1928, everybody was raving at this miracle drug. Through the years, though, antibiotics have created new diseases. How come? It’s because the bacteria after being bombarded by antibiotics have mutated into strains that resisted the effect of antibiotics. Now more powerful antibiotics were created which in turn create stronger bacteria strains. It’s a vicious cycle that could never be good for our pets. Yes, this applies to us too!

Another problem with antibiotics is that it not only attacks the bad bacteria but also the good ones that reside in our intestinal tracts. These good bacteria promote good health. When antibiotics kill them all, the bad bacteria grow back first and in a faster rate. Coming out from an illness, your pet is actually more unhealthy because all the good bacteria are gone but the bad ones are still there.

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Furthermore, it will take your pet an average of one year before recovering from the dire effects of antibiotics. Unless you’re feeding your pet good food and supplementing with good bacteria, the poor animal will not be in a better condition. 
Since antibiotics are prescribed too often without much care for the side effects and long-term damage, it is up to the pet owner to ask your vet for other alternatives.

But if antibiotics are to be avoided, what is left to use? We can go back in time. During the first world war, medics in the battlefields used garlic cloves in the wound of soldiers. Garlics have long been known of its natural antibiotic properties. There’s also bee propolis that contains properties of natural phagocystosis that push white blood cells to attack bad bacteria. The good thing with natural antibiotics, they only attack the bad bacteria and leave the good bacteria alone.