Having new equipments in practicing veterinary medicine is always an added bonus, and there is a large selection to buy.
By simply going to conventions because of the need to attend continuing-education classes, it is relatively easy to buy these things.

Radiology machines have been in existence for years. Scaled-down models of CT scanners and MRI machines have been present in human hospitals. Using them would provide a veterinarian with the capability to diagnose.

The price of digital radiology has been marked down and become affordable compared to the CT and MRI machines. The use of digital radiology has produced amazing results.

Long ago, veterinarians had x-ray equipments made from the leg of a horse. It provided a blurry picture and little hints about the problem in the abdomen of a dog.

Just like in photography, the x-ray was obtained by immersing the film in several tanks of fluids. The process was lengthy and water coming from the radiograph was dripping.

Before digital radiology, an x-ray machine was the best option and occupied the whole room. It may done its job but the coming of the digital radiology machine made it outdated.

x-ray at veterinary

A computer is used in digital radiology. An x-ray of the animal held on the table is taken. In the large computer screen, the x-ray can be viewed while holding the animal. Through instant x-ray, the process may be repeated in case the x-ray did not turn out the way you wanted it.

A computer magnifying glass enables the user to examine every part of the x-ray. The small areas of the picture can be seen at large. The image can be reversed, enlarged or reduced, reversing the dark and light areas creates a different effect or the picture may be enlightened or darkened.

Calcified or ruptured discs in the back of the dor can be largely seen in the picture. Regular radiographs did not provide a clear picture of the real problem. Digital radiographs provided a bigger picture.

At a click of the mouse, more can be done. When finished with the radiograph, the animal’s file is stored in the computer. The owner can simply open and see the file stored in the computer.

Digital radiology has done wonders for modern veterinarians. The future looks bright for the field of veterinary medicine. More new devices will be introduced but for now the presence of digital radiology has been a great help.