Just like how it is with humans, the best medicine you can give your pet and to ensure that they stay healthy is TLC or tender loving care. Show your pet that you care and this will greatly increase the length of your pet’s life. That’s truly the best medicine you can give them in the long run.

A number of cases have been reported where people’s pets have purportedly died of depression. That’s right, depression. So if you don’t want the same thing to happen to your pet, do make sure that you follow the suggestions we’ve provided below.

Establish an early bond between you and your pet. It’s ideal if you’ve had your pet since it was an infant because that way, your pet could easily identify you as its second parent. We are assuming of course that the type of pet we’re talking about here would be a cat or a dog or some other animal that shows similar kind of intelligence. I wouldn’t know about rabbits and goldfishes but it won’t hurt to try, anyway?

Spend quality time with your pet. Now that you’ve created a bond between you and your pet, show your care by spending a portion of your time each day with your pet. Any pet would be happy if his master or friend spends time with him often.

animals play

Although playing with your pet regularly inside the house is okay, it’s also better if you at least take your dog out for a walk. Sunlight is also a good form of medicine for pets to take because they receive energy from it, just like humans. Although pets can be somewhat unruly when taken outside, bear with it just like how you would when your kid becomes hyperactive with his friends.

Bring your pet to the local veterinary clinic for regular check-ups. Yes, we know, some pets do keep whining whenever they see the veterinary clinic but again think of it as how you deal with kids. No matter how much they whine and whine, you’re aware that they really need to take their medicine if they want to get well. You have to be, in a nutshell, cruel to be kind and force them to drink the foul tasting liquid.

cat play

It’s the same with pets! They need those regular check-ups more especially because they don’t have the power of speech so we won’t know if something’s wrong with them already unless you visit the veterinary clinic regularly. Bringing your pet to the veterinary clinic will also reduce risks of experiencing any emergency related to your pet.

Remember, having a puppy or a kitten or any kind of pet for that matter is just like raising a baby. And TLC is always the best medicine for them, something that money can’t buy!