Having a flea is your cat’s worst enemy. In fact if the cat could choose between bathing and fleas I’m guessing he’d choose diving into that water. If you’re a human, you can compare the pain of the fleas to a person who is a pain in the ass, literally. This is because the fleas usually affect the lower part of the cat’s body.

cat fleas

It causes the cat irritation because it siphons its blood with its piercing teeth. The saliva of the flea causes blood coagulation. It will then give your cat sever back itching and scratching that can further lad to dermatitis. They are like the vampires for cats.

The results of hypersensitivity with the flea’s saliva can cause the following changes:

  • Hives where the flea bites occurred that either develops into a red bump that crusts over or heals. Imagine your cat getting a blush on area where the flea bit him or her.
  • Bacterial infection, being hairless, redness, scaling and increased skin pigmentation. If you hate grooming your cat or cutting his or her hair, you may have planned him or her having fleas. So that he or she can cut his own hair. Not a good thing…

Finding the flea is like looking for a needle in a haystack, especially on cats. It is difficult to find the flea because it is mostly around in your environment, not on the pet. The cat will just continue to scratch even without a single flea on him. The cat just becomes paranoid. Just to be sure, the beat thing to check out is the flea’s excrement. It is like ground pepper that turns red when moistened because it has blood in it.

It should be taken against you that when one cat has fleas, there is a very big chance that your other pets have fleas as well. This means that your house is infested with fleas and you might have one too if you have a hairy back.

Another problem that the fleas provide is that they may also cause tapeworms. They become intermediaries for tapeworms. This happens when the cat due to biting himself ingests fleas that contain tapeworm eggs. So even though it will be disgusting, check out the cat’s stool for tapeworms.

Flea Lifecycle

Fleas are like the modern day vampires. The good thing is that they only attack pets and people with scary hairy backs. But since we love our cats so much, we should really try to get rid of the pain that they feel. Just think about it, if you were the cat wouldn’t you love your owner because they removed your fleas?

When you see any signs of fleas immediately attack the problem and call your veterinarian to get information on how to remove those fleas if it is a continuing problem.