Finally, your wish has been granted.

Your beloved feline is pregnant and in months’ time, will hopefully give birth to a delightful brood of cute little kittens! But to ensure that your pregnant pet will have an uncomplicated time in giving birth, you want to know what to do and how best to care for your pregnant cat.

Any suggestions?

And naturally, we do have some suggestions you could take!

Just like how pregnant moms are, pregnant cats will undergo a significant behavioral change. This is a natural thing so if you find your pregnant cat acting unnaturally at times, think nothing of this.

pregnant cat

The behavioral change is due to lack of certain minerals in her body. This probably happens because her unborn babies are using the minerals for their own growth. That’s why, no matter how much care and medication you provide your cat with, it would at times be inevitable for a pregnant cat to experience bone loss. Giving birth may also seriously affect the longevity and health of a pregnant pet.

To adjust to such a change in their pregnant cat’s physical and emotional make-up, most veterinarians suggest natural supplementation as this will go a long way in helping your pregnant cat to survive her future ordeal.

There are several natural supplements available in the market and you could choose one of them to help your pregnant cat prepare for the changes she shall undergo as the time for giving birth gets nearer and nearer.

Providing a natural supplement to your pregnant cat, from gestation period and till the time she’s nursing her kittens, shall help your pet in many ways.

For one, it will help your pregnant cat when it’s time to give birth by improving muscle conditions. This is especially helpful when muscle contractions begin, a process that’s quite painful for any pregnant being, human or non-human.

Secondly, it helps tone or improve the condition of the uterus, before and after birth. Thirdly, with a natural supplement improving the health condition of your pregnant cat, there would lesser chances that your pregnant pet would have a caesarian section just to give birth.

If any muscle tissues have been damaged, regular intake of natural supplements would ensure that such damage would be rectified more quickly than usual.


Lastly, natural supplements would ensure that there’d be more minerals available for her unborn puppies to consume and consequently, decrease chances of extreme bone loss.

Besides giving natural supplement as medicine to your pregnant cat, never forget to give her regular exercises because it would no doubt help her when it’s time to give birth.