You are an animal lover and want the best care and products for your pet. But where can you go to get through all the hype and find the facts?

You’ve found all you will need in Pet-Meds-101!

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As the Internet has grown the explosion of every product imaginable has reached to a point where anything and everything can now be purchased online. The latest craze is the dog bark collar, the world of pet medications has not escaped this Web outburst of commercialism. 

While governments raced to keep up trying to get control of potentially dangerous situations, there is still a minefield of disreputable sites out online passing off bad medications.

The problem escalated when some online pharmacies hired there own in-house veterinarians to write prescriptions based on a home diagnosis from pet owners. While state laws have been passed to fight this, the practice still takes place. For prescription strength medications a pet should always be examined by a licensed veterinarian first hand.

Many diseases and maladies have common symptoms in animals and while you may think you are helping your pet, medications disposed to animals can actually be hurtful to animals rather than help them. Even something as simple as a common antibiotic such as Clavamox or Cephalexin can cause severe complications in individual situations. Some medications can actually mask the root cause of a much more serious condition.

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Many medications get lost in the loophole of red tape and the infighting between drug companies, regulatory committees, veterinarians, animal rights groups, and even online Internet companies. Everyone wants a piece of the pie.

All you want is a reduced sticker shock when you get that prescription handed to you from your family’s vet.

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After all, it is both the responsibility of your veterinarian and yours to monitor your pet to ensure medications are doing what you want them to. If you had a reaction to aspirin you would stop taking it and get a check up. Your pet is no different. If the medication prescribed by your veterinarian isn’t helping you need to have your animal re-evaluated.

There are many veterinarians who do not even like dispensing a script for medications because of the potential for abuse. Good communication between you and your vet is paramount as under current law vets do not have to fulfill a pet owner’s request for a prescription. One reason for this is that veterinarians have very firm state guidelines for prescribing and dispensing medications. It is this very factor which is hard to administer when a company is selling those medications online.

But you just can’t beat the convenience and economic savings when purchasing pet medications online. So if this is the future, how can you best protect you and your beloved pet?


First of all follow these simple tips:

  • Always ensure you have the correct spelling of the prescribed medication. 
  • Ensure you are dealing with a reputable company. 
  • All accredited companies should have a return policy. 
  • Know how to store unused portions of the medication. 
  • If refrigeration is needed for the medication storage ensure the cold pack is still cold when it arrives. 
  • Ask for the medication information sheet to be sent along with your order. 
  • Ensure the expiration date is sufficient. 
  • Obviously if you are purchasing prescription medication and they don’t ask for a script from your vet they are breaking the law. Do not use that company.

Pet-Meds-101 is here to help you get through the jungle of online pet medications. Read through our site and get the facts. After all we know you love your pet and we are here to help.

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