There is something about a cat that all cat lovers understand that can never be explained to someone else.

Forever it seems the battle between the perfect pet has been raged and no matter what anyone says, if they don’t understand on their own why a cat is the best pet one can own, they will never get it.

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A cat’s independence is not a drawback, it is what defines the cat and makes them special. When a cat shows their owner love it is out of choice and not some inbred loyalty that is truly never genuine.

Through these pages we will talk about cats. What makes them sick, how to care and feed them, things to look for with your cat… Basically everything you’ll ever need to know about cats.

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So join us cat lovers in discovering the right information you need to take care of the perfect pet.

Your Cat Has Fleas?
A flea problem can drive your cat crazy. Here is what you need to know about these pests and how to help your kitty.

What to Look For if Your Cat Won’t Eat
There can be a serious condition masked but your cat not eating should be a sign to look deeper to see if they need help.

Annorexic Cats?
Yup, even cats can suffer from this disease. Learn what to look for and what the loss of appetite can truly mean.

Your Cat is Ready to Give You Kittens?
Here are some things you can do to help your pregnant cat give birth to some healthy kittens.

Treatment for Pruritus in Cats
Look for help with this itching problem in this fact filled article. This can drive your cat crazy and this is what you need to know about it.

Holistic Medicine Options for Your Cat
If you are not into evasive procedures for your cat, you may want to think of these holistic options for treating your pet.

Help! My Cat Has Allergies!
There are definet things you can do to track down your cat’s allergic problem and things you can do to help get your cat through this problem.

Cats Require Dental Help Too
Believe it or not, your cat needs dental care just like you do and is totally dependant on your help for this.

How To Handle Cat Emergencies
Sometimes the worse thing happens and you need to handle the problem fast. Here are some helpful tips so when that time comes you are ready.

Worried About Your Cat?
Sometimes being a cat owner is hard. Here are some general tips on how to take some of the worry out of pet care.

Proper Home Care for Your Cats
In this article we will discuss some things you can do right in your own home to help keep your cat healthy and happy.

Treating Feline Scabies
Everything you wanted to know about cat scabies but were afraid to ask. Each and every cat owner needs to know these important facts.

Medication for Cats with Hypertension
A little known problem however effecting many many felines. Learn what to look for so your cat isn’t one of the many afflicted with this disease.

Cataracts in Cats
Though dogs are more likely to suffer from this, you feline owners should also look out for this eye disease in your cat.