Would HBO advertise on Instagram? Or would they choose Facebook? All companies must think critically about marketing and advertising. Even a company the size of HBO on Instagram has a limited budget when it comes to advertising. Every coin spent will be analyzed critically. After all, a company cannot be gleefully spending money. They have stakeholders to answer to.

Facebook and Instagram are two of the largest social media platforms. Their reach and demographics are quite different and thus, offer different advantages to any business. It, therefore, goes without saying that the same ad running on both platforms will yield different results. And thus comes the all-important question for any business or CEO: Which one should I use for the next advertisement, Facebook or Instagram? We take a look at some of the aspects that you should consider before deciding on this.

Demographics and target audience

If you are looking to attract new followers to your account, you need to critically perform an analysis of the demographics on both platforms. You need to ensure that your target audience is an active percentage on that network.

Facebook is one of the oldest social media platforms. It was founded way back in 2004 and as a result, a larger portion of its users are of the middle to older generations. Most brands are bound to find a segment of their market on Facebook.

Instagram however, caters to a younger audience. If your target audience is the millennials and Generation Z, it is recommended that you use Instagram. The platform is characterized by highly visual and aesthetic photos and videos attributed more to that segment of the demographic.

You can examine this further on the Insights tab on both Facebook and Instagram. You can also use analytics/management tool applications for such information.

Type of content

Many factors are to be considered here. The key factors are your budget and the behavioral norms. Let’s deal more with the latter.

Behavioral norms on Facebook suggest that you should post content that learns more on the informative side. You should generate content that is not only interesting but that followers can learn one or two things. This can be in the form of blog posts or articles.

Instagram is more visually oriented. Content here is attention-grabbing. Be it a video or photo, it must be one with strong aesthetic features. With greater quality videos and photos, it means higher costs for creating such content.


It is only with the proper goals for your business or brand, can you choose the best advertisement media. Once you are conscious of your goals, you will know the type of content, the audience you are targeting and other demographic elements as well as what successful advertising looks for you.

For a proper social advertisement platform, you need to critically analyze your social strategy and see where they take into consideration the elements discussed above.