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Instagram vs. Facebook: Which is Best for Advertisement?

Would HBO advertise on Instagram? Or would they choose Facebook? All companies must think critically about marketing and advertising. Even a company the size of HBO on Instagram has a limited budget when it comes to advertising. Every coin spent will be analyzed critically. After all, a company cannot be gleefully spending money. They have stakeholders to answer to. Facebook and Instagram are two of the largest social media platforms. Their reach and demographics are quite different and thus, offer different advantages to any business. It, therefore, goes without saying that the same ad running on both platforms will yield different results. And thus comes the all-important question for any business or CEO: Which one should I use for the next advertisement, Facebook or Instagram? We take a look at some of the aspects that you should consider before deciding on this.…

How effective is Instagram marketing?

Businesses have altered their strategies and the way they function over the past couple of decades. This has become possible only due to the increase in the use as well as the popularity of the internet as well as social media. When we thought that the internet on its own was a great discovery, we were yet to come across the phenomenon known as social media. Social media has, needless to say, taken the world by storm. People are now dedicating a significant portion of their time to social media for different purposes. Whether it be for business or personal use or even entertainment in many cases, social media has skyrocketed along with services that help promote accounts on different social platforms. And now even choosing the best Instagram growth service, for example, is quite a task, because there are a lot of them. Different social media platforms and applications have also seen a rise in terms of its downloads and overall usage simply because social media has become a significant and integral part of our daily routines. Even if we want to, in some cases, getting rid of this…

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