People say the attitude of their pets reflects the attitude of the owners. Sometimes we gain weight and would love to exercise by walking or jogging in the park with our pets. But jogging with your cat would look pretty silly!

The point is that because of our attitude to lose weight it may rub of on our cats or they may decide to emulate us. They may even emulate us to the extreme that they will lose weight faster than us. Sometimes, just like in humans, when we become anorexic, people become concerned about them. So when our cats become anorexic we tend to be concerned about them too.

If this happens to your cats, it is best to give them some good old home care and loving to help him eat.

Here are some home care tips.

  • Recent changes may cause your cat to lose appetite. Changes such as being in a new home, having a new person around, or a new pet. When this happens try to find a psychiatrist for your cat. If you can’t find a pet psychiatrist (or don’t believe in them), a veterinarian will do.
  • Look for symptoms of diseases. If you seem to be observing that there are symptoms, bring them to the veterinarian sooner not later.
  • Give oral dehydration supplements such as Pedialyte to combat dehydration of your cat. Ask your veterinarian how much should be given.
  • Some cats are just choosier and a pain in the ass than others. They may want better food than yours. To be able to please them and get them to eat you can try to heat their food so the cat can smell it and stimulate his appetite.

Sometimes you can also cook a special food that is prescribed by the veterinarian. You can also offer the food with your hand or by oral syringe. When the food is warm, also make sure it is not too hot to scald the tongue of your pet.

  • When feeding your cat a new food it will take him a hard time to adjust. Try to slowly mix it with his old food. Gradually remove the old food as he becomes more adjusted.
  • Cats that are 6 months or less are still very fragile. So when they have not been eating properly for only twelve hours, can be dangerous.
  • Try giving them milk replacer by syringe, and not soft drinks (too sweet), soup (too salty), and other foods that are not suggested by your veterinarian as they are not properly balanced.
house cat

By following these good old home remedy tips you and your cat may not have to practice extreme measures to become more fit and skinnier.