A study conducted on animal diseases showed that young animals appear to be in the thick of health when given cooked and processed foods. Upon reaching adulthood, however, aging became more rapid and showed symptoms of chronic degenerative diseases. When fed with raw foods, the animals showed less aging and no signs of degenerative diseases.

Feeding animals with commercial pet food alters and destroys their nutrients, according to Dr. Donald Ogden. Nutrients from these type of foods are destroyed by heat, food processing, preservatives and other chemicals. They have the tendency to gather waste-toxins in the blood, lymphs and tissues that leads to the weakening of immune systems making our pets prone to chronic diseases.

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The natural vitality and immune systems of most pets have been seriously affected by processed foods. There is a big difference in the anatomy of dogs and cats and humans. The intestinal tract of most animals, for example, is only about half as long as that of a human hence, processing and assimilation of food is different. While red meat is carcinogenic in humans, absence of red meat in the diet of animals may cause serious health problems.

In order to stay healthy, both animals and humans needs sufficient enzymes, amino acids and other nutrients contained in raw meat. What humans often believed to be bad for their pets turned out to be beneficial after all. Most problems in the skin and coat of animals are a direct result of the absence of raw animal fat in their diet. At least 30% raw fat are needed by animals and their immune systems are not fit to handle cooked meat or cooked fat. That is why a panther or jackal consumes its prey. Pet owners always have second thoughts of feeding raw materials to their pet dogs or cat, for fear of bacteria and parasites. These animals don’t get poisoned by salmonella because their digestive systems are rich in acid and kills everything. For this reason, a dog buries a bone, digs it up after two weeks and eats the raw meat.

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To resume its healthy form, a diet that strengthens the immune system and identical to the food they eat in the wild is required. This is nothing difficult to do. Choose a diet that uses a combination of raw meat and selected raw vegetables.