Dogs are compassionate beings. They react swiftly to ongoing changes to their environment. Any abrupt or unpleasant changes in their surroundings can make them stressed and may also lead to long-term anxiety. Such stress can be temporary or may last longer than expected. Dog owners look for medications to treat this condition in their dogs because sometimes it is hard to bring down their stress levels usually. Dog owners are actively looking for solutions to this problem like CBD treats or oil InTune CBD offers. And with the current buzz around CBD benefits, they want to know if it helps to calm down their loyal companions.

Stress in Dogs:

Finding the reason for stress in dogs can get very complicated, especially if you are looking for a particular source of stress. Just like humans, anxiety in dogs can be induced by various stimuli depending on their past experiences with those stimuli. Such experiences shape their behaviors. For example, if a dog has experienced a trauma related to loud noise in the past, it will likely induce a negative behavior towards loud noises in that dog. Thus, raising its stress levels whenever it hears a loud noise. This is called behavioral anxiety. However, dogs also form a negative response to instant triggers such as thunderstorms, fireworks, other dogs, or strangers. Such a reaction is called situational anxiety.

What does CBD do?

The recent innovation in technology has led scientists to discover a chemical component in Cannabis Sativa or the hemp plant; this component affects receptors in the brain of a dog that help bring down stress levels and calming the brain. Most mammals have receptors in the brain that are native to cannabinoids. CBD can induce the same effect as serotonin as it binds and activates serotonin receptors in the brain. Serotonin is a chemical that regulates happiness, mood, and anxiety. These receptors are connected to the entire nervous system.

Thus, when an anxious dog intakes CBD treat, the chemical binds itself to serotonin receptors in the brain. The strength of CBD passes on to the nervous system. As a result, the anxiety levels go down in the dog, and it becomes calm and active. A common misconception to this effect is that dogs become calmer with CBD because it makes them “high”. This is inaccurate. The feeling of “high” is achieved by taking THC, another chemical component found in the hemp plant. This chemical strongly affects CB1 and CB2 receptors in the brain that leads to cognitive changes in the brain. These changes induce the feeling of “high”. Little to no impact of CBD on CB1 and CB2 receptors have been found in recent studies. CBD is found to be a counteracting agent in warding off the impact of THC on dogs.


Dog owners have no reason to stress over the effectiveness of CBD treats in calming down their pet dogs. The CBD treats are found to be highly effective in boosting mood in dogs. Whether the stress is situational or behavioral, CBD treat is effective.