You may have observed that your cat is becoming skinnier and not eating properly. At first though, you may just think that your pet is just on “pet weight loss program”. You even become jealous as to how his diet works faster when yours doesn’t. But as the time grows longer it seems that your cat’s weight has become a serious matter as the ribs of your cat can now be seen. When this happens try calling your veterinarian as your cat may be experiencing anorexia already.

Yup, folks, anorexia is not only for humans. You’re pets can also experience anorexia too. Probably when the neighborhood cats tease him or her about his weight and he becomes cautious. Another probable reason is that he suddenly ate something bad that made him lose his appetite. One other reason that might affect your pet’s appetite because he or she might have some disease in his kidneys, digestive system, blood, brain, etc. that makes him lose his appetite. Just like us humans, when we are sick, we also lose our appetite. No matter the cause, having you pet unable to eat for more than 24 hours may cause some problems.

When you notice that your cat is no longer eating and bring your pet to the veterinarian, a diagnosis will have to be done. The diagnosis will usually include, x-rays of the chest and abdomen, examination of the stool to look for parasites, blood and urine analysis to see if the organs have problems, and physical examination that includes looking at the gums, and feeling the size and shape of the organs in the belly.

sick cat

Treating it can be done in two ways, specific and supportive treatment. Specific treatments aim to slow down or totally solve the problem. Examples of specific treatments are giving antibiotics, removal of an object that is blocking the intestine, and treatment of dental disease. Supportive treatments on the other hand, help cats that have been debilitated because they have not been eating. Examples of this are giving drugs that stimulate the appetite, or coaxing and feeding the pet via hand.

If talking to your pets was possible you could probably learn if he or she has got any problems or is just on strict diet. But since talking to your cat is pretty impossible for now, you should just learn to be more responsible for the well fare of your own pet. To prevent your cat form experiencing any disease or pain that may harm him or her.