It’s incredible how cats and humans – their owners and companions in life – are very similar in many ways. And one similarity that cats may be regretful of would be the need for dental help.

Cats need more dental help than humans do because their dental regimen depends entirely on the diligence of their owners. If their human owner neglects to properly care for their cat’s teeth, it would not be a surprise if their cat would later on experience several dental problems.

Dental problems may seem trivial compared to other illnesses that cats also suffer from but this is not entirely true. Yes, dental problems may be easily solved by improving one’s routine by including regular teeth brushing but this is possible only if the dental problem your cat is suffering from is not serious.

If it’s already reached the serious stage, no amount of brushing of teeth can solve it. You may need to visit your cat’s veterinarian as soon as possible…before it’s too late!

A visit to your local veterinary clinic concerning your cat’s dental problems would include a number of things. First, your pet cat may have to undergo pre-anesthesia blood panel to see if your cat has any adverse reactions when anesthesia is injected into its body.

veterinary clinic

There is a pragmatic need for your pet to be anesthetized. First, it decreases the pain that your cat might feel in certain procedures. Secondly, you have to understand that not even the most well-mannered of cats can remain still when someone is tinkering with their teeth and keep their mouth open the whole time.

Your cat shall also be fastened to his place to ensure no unnecessary movements would be made. Your cat may also have to take additional medicine to lessen the chances of your cat contracting infection or any other unpleasant side effects.

Now, the dental check-up is quite similar to what a human has to undergo. Tartar would be removed from your cat’s teeth – something only your veterinarian can help your pet with, no matter how many times you brush your cat’s teeth each day.

The vet shall also check if there are any signs of tooth decay or cavities, gingivitis, loose teeth, any abnormal growth in the gums or palate and removal of diseased teeth. The last step of dental care shall be teeth polishing.

cats dental

To ascertain that whatever dental emergency your cat has gone through now would not happen again anytime in the near future, do ask for tips from your vet on how to better maintain your cat’s teeth.

Lastly, never ever use human toothpaste for your pet’s teeth. It’s just not the same thing!