Our pets need to lead a healthy life and to achieve this, we must be prepared to provide them with medicines in cases of illnesses. Part of this responsibility is avoiding drugs that could be more harmful to our pets steroids are such drugs.

Many times, a veterinarian will prescribe steroid during an illness. But steroids don’t heal the animal, it only reduce the inflammation and swelling. Remember that an inflammation or swelling is the natural response of the animal’s immune system to the disease. Steroids work by suppressing the immune system which is only doing its job to protect the animal.

For so long. doctors have told us that the side-effects of steroids only surface after many years but new research has proven that serious health complications and permanent body damage is immediate.
While steroids are known to be “life-savers” and “miracle cures” in some cases like during a adrenal system failure by jumpstarting hormonal secretion, we now know that steroids damage the kidneys, liver , immune system and bones.

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It can also cause diabetes.

We must understand that steroids should only be used as the line of defense or during emergencies. But what is happening is similar to the fate of antibiotics. Steroids are now being used on the flimsiest reasons.

Another drug to be wary of are the Heartworm drugs. There are many types of Heartworm drugs and as a responsible pet owner, you should learn to use it wisely in order to minimize its side effects. An example is the Intercepter which has Milbemycin. Sentinel has Milbemycin and Lufenyron. Heartguard has Ivermectin.
These drugs—Milbemycin, Lufenyron and Ivermectin—were found to cause many side effects. They are depression, convulsion, ataxia, hyperactivity, lethargy, anorexia, eluspecies (in cat), vomiting and even death.

Other side effects—though minor and don’t happen too often—are shaking, tilting of head, slow heat beat and eye problem.

These are scary conditions for your loved pets to be suffering from. As a pet owner, you bring your pets to the vet to cure them of an illness, not aggravate the condition or add more debilitating conditions. If you don’t trust veterinarian medicines, there are viable alternatives that are effective and inexpensive, and of course safe.

For prevention of heartworm, you can use Homeopathic Nosode. You can also use it for treatment. It doesn’t have any harmful effects. Milk Thristle is also an effective liver tonic to repair the damaged liver of your pet.

Many pet owners have been successful with Thristle after having their pet induce chemical drugs to counter the damage done. Some have also made use of the liquefied form of the herb Black Walnut to treat heartworm.