Our pet’s common problems are usually itchiness problems. Our cats will tend to scratch so much that they will eventually produce lesions that will may cause infections and harm them further. So we let the veterinarian have them diagnosed and we get to ask them how to prevent the worsening of the situation. The veterinarian will usually give some treatments and here are some treatments that may help your pet feel better.

The main reason why cats have that itchy feeling is due to pruritus. It is when chemical reactions in the skin are present and the stimulation of nerves that makes the brain believe that the body is itchy. Pruritus can be mild or severe. Mild pruritus’ effects can hardly be felt while severe pruritus can cause lesions that will infect your cat and make him cry and meow in pain.

  • Medications will prove to be really effective when the pruritus is only mild. If the pruritus is already severe medication can only provide temporary relief.
  • Itching usually recurs once the treatment has been finished.
  • Antihistamines are only effective twenty to thirty percent on cats. They are still prescribed because they are safer compared to corticosteroids. Veterinarians may try to mix and match different antihistamines because some cats respond better.
  • Yeah, bathe your cat! And try to look for shampoos that contain colloidal oatmeal. They are very soothing and moisturizing, so the skin can no longer be dried. Some of this special shampoo even contains anesthetics or topical corticosteroids that help reduce pruritus further.
  • Fatty acid supplements help relieve pruritus by adjusting the immune response and may be helpful for pruritus that occurs time and time again. Some fatty acids like those found in fish oil help change the chemical position of the mediators during allergic response. This treatment may not prove to be fully helpful like antihistamines. But trying to combine them with antihistamines may give you good results.
  • The treatment of last resort is the corticosteroids. Prednisone is a corticosteroid that is usually prescribed. This drug may not prove to be effective in some other cases just like antihistamines and fatty acid solutions.

Corticosteroids are not that suggestible because they may produce side effects. Some side effects include, thirst and hunger. This may lead to obesity and suppression of the immune system that can further cause infections, stomach irritation, liver or adrenal gland damage.

pruritus cat

If the doctor says corticosteroids are really the cure, try to ask if it be a short-acting one. Short acting is safer than longer acting injectibles because they can be cleared faster in the body.

These following treatments will be able to help your special pet increase the chances of having pruritus. By trying to follow these medications with the veterinarian’s advice, you and your pet can have a less itchy life.